We have a set of shared values which strengthen our energy to make a real and everlasting positive impact, on a global level. Honesty, transparency, sincerity and proficiency are our core values that serve as a foundation to our decision making and a guide to the way we deliver our work. We take our faith, Islam, seriously. In fact, it is the source and the drive that pushes us to do well and help the suffering around the world. The beloved Muhammad (PBUH) is our inspiration and the Quran is our guide. We live in a world where Islam is seen as a violent religion, thus we felt the urge to prove the opposite. Islam is all about helping and saving lives.


We are passionate about what we do. We do this because we truly believe that poverty can be banished and scraped off the map if we do this work with sincere intentions. Our ultimate goal is to please the Creator and carry the message of peace and love. Teebah Foundation aims to make a lasting change in the world we live in. We are committed to making a difference and empowering excluded communities, and firmly believe in the work that we are doing. This passion and drive ensures that we always deliver to excellence.


Teebah Foundation values people – we don’t see colours, beliefs or race. We see human beings and therefore, we respect the individuality of every person and endeavour to treat everyone with respect and dignity because each human is unique and has the right to live.


By purifying our intentions and focusing on the ultimate goal we can transform the lives of people and communities. Working as a team with our staff, volunteers, donors and partners has changed lives and brought so much joy so far and this alone is a motivation to remain united and avoid any distractions that will slow us down in this journey.


We endeavour to reduce poverty rates around the world and provide lasting solutions that are creative, innovative and will make a difference in the long run. We plan, research, develop and evaluate every single project, and at the heart of every project is the aim to leave an enduring legacy.


We value the trust placed upon us and the responsibilities that this brings with it. We carry out all our work with integrity and transparency, being fully accountable to all our stakeholders. When donating with Teebah Foundation you are placing your money in safe hands. We keep Allah present in our hearts and thoughts, hence, every step we take is for His sake – none of us will dare to do otherwise.