How can I help?

Any contributions will go a long way and would be much appreciated by both the Teebah Foundation and the intended recipients. However, here are some set amounts along with what they can go towards:

About the Project

Teebah Foundation Hafiz project allows children to learn Quran and carry it in their innocent, pure hearts. The programme focuses on orphans and children from poor families. The goal behind this project is to give these children a noble purpose in life and help them realise that they are capable of memorising the holy Quran and become successful individuals one day.

Our programme emphasises on the teachings of the Quran. The children will not only memorise but learn all about what Islam is about. In a world where this religion is regarded as the religion of hate and terrorism, we have taken it upon ourselves to prove the opposite; we want to show the world that Islam is about love, peace and harmony. Hence, we insist that our hafiz children become peace ambassadors.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Like we mentioned above, orphans and children who are experiencing difficult childhood.

How does it work?

Our Hafiz project is a [add duration] year sponsorship programme. During that period, the child will:

  • learn tajweed and the basics of the Arabic language (reading and writing)
  • recite and memorise Quran
  • learn about the seerah of the prophet (PBUH) and his noble teachings
  • receive good care and attention (including healthcare, food, clothing, books and [add more])

The children will be taught by qualified teachers who will be guiding them throughout the journey of Hifz. Teebah Foundation provides classrooms that are designed and equipped specially for this purpose.

You will be receiving quaterly reports regarding your child’s progress. After the programme, the hafiz children will receive full revision, followed by hifz completion qualifications.

How much is it to sponsor a hafiz?

If you decided to help a child memorise Quran and become part of the hafiz programme, you can choose your payment method here www.teebahfoundation.org/donate. No matter how big or small your donation is, Teebah Foundation welcomes your valuable contribution.