Wheelchair Project

What is it?

Latest researches reveal that around 100 million people (of all ages) worldwide need a wheelchair but cannot afford one. Sometimes we think about our needs and forget others’ – not because we don’t care but because it never occurred to us that one particular thing can be a dream or a necessity to someone else.

Unfortunately, in most developing countries people with physical disabilities are marginalised and seen as burden. Just put yourself in their shoes – immobile and completely dependent on others. Wheelchairs help to enhance mobility and are a valuable gift to somebody with disability. As a result, Teebah Foundation is introducing Wheelchair project to help children, adults and elderly through their physical disability by offering them wheelchairs.

Who will benefit from this project?

Every person with a disability hoping that one day they can go somewhere without the help of their carers. Wheelchairs will set them free, allow them to be independent, facilitate their mobility and open the doors of adventures and opportunities. From children to elderly (both males and females), in different parts of the world will benefit from this project.

Why should I donate?

The answer is simple. You will improve the quality of their lives, if not change it. You may consider this as Eid gift or charity; in both cases, you will bring so much joy to their hearts and make them feel that they can lead a normal happy life.

The most beloved deed to God is to make a brother of yours happy, or to remove one of his troubles.