Gaza Emergency Appeal

Teebah Foundation, where every donation becomes a lifeline for those in urgent need of medical aid in Palestine. Our commitment to providing immediate relief is at the core of our Emergency Medical Aid for Palestine campaign. By supporting us, you contribute to a variety of crucial initiatives that make a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities affected by emergencies.

Emergency Survival Kit

Your donation can provide essential emergency survival kits, ensuring that families have access to basic necessities during critical times. From food and clean water to shelter and hygiene supplies, these kits are vital for sustaining life in the midst of crises.

Blood Bank Campaign

Join our Blood Bank Campaign and become a beacon of hope for those in dire need of life-saving blood transfusions. Your support enables us to establish and maintain a reliable blood supply, saving countless lives and contributing to the health and well-being of the Palestinian community.

Mobile Clinic

Our Mobile Clinic initiative takes healthcare directly to the people who need it the most. By funding this program, you help bring medical professionals and services to remote areas, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their location, receives the care they deserve.

Emergency Medicinal Drugs

Your donation supports the procurement and distribution of emergency medicinal drugs, providing immediate relief to those suffering from injuries, illnesses, or chronic conditions. Help us make sure that no one is left without the essential medications they need to survive.

Vascular Surgeons

Contribute to our Vascular Surgeons program, empowering skilled medical professionals to perform life-saving surgeries. Your support enables us to deploy specialized teams to handle complex cases, offering a chance at recovery and a healthier future for many.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Share in the mission of our Mobile Intensive Care Unit, a critical asset in emergency response. Your donation helps equip and operate these units, allowing us to deliver swift and comprehensive medical care during crises.

General Donation

If you prefer to support our cause broadly, a general donation allows us the flexibility to allocate funds where they are most urgently needed. Your generosity becomes a lifeline for countless individuals facing medical emergencies in Palestine.

Trusted Partners on the Ground

Rest assured that your contributions are in capable hands. We work closely with trusted partners on the ground in Palestine, including reputable medical organizations and professionals. This ensures that your support directly reaches those who need it, making a tangible impact on the ground.

Your support matters. Join us in making a difference in the lives of Palestinians facing medical emergencies. Together, we can provide hope, healing, and a chance for a healthier future. Donate now and be a part of the lifesaving mission at Teebah Foundation.